• Pacific Care Center, Pacific MO

The Role of Hospice in Skilled Resident Care

At some point in many people’s journey through a skilled nursing facility, there may come a transition from attempting to cure illness and prolong life to preparing for dignity at the end of life. Today, Hospice is the leading medical care provider for

  • Hot Weather Tips for Seniors

Hot Weather Tips for Seniors

Hot weather is here, and it can be a dangerous time of the year for seniors. It is also one of the most enjoyable times of the year, when grandchildren and great-grandchildren are out of school, roads are passable to many

  • Thank You Notes

Thank You Notes

At Pacific Care Center, Care is at the center of everything we do. Our dedicated staff exhibits personal care and attention to our residents every day. And it shows. Family members of our residents notice too and take the time to

  • Post Rehab May Newsletter

Post Rehab – What’s Next?

You have spent your time and money on rehabilitating an injury. Now what should you do? Post rehabilitation programs are an important part of achieving and maintaining functional and fitness goals! See our May Therapy Department Newsletter for reasons to continue

  • Painting Arts & Crafts

Benefits of Arts & Crafts for Skilled Care Residents

Regularly scheduled Arts & Crafts take place in our awesome Activities Room at Pacific Care Center. Here residents can express their creativity while enjoying the many hidden benefits arts & crafts provide. Psychological and Emotional Benefits Residents at skilled care centers

  • Avoid cabin fever

12 Ways to Avoid Cabin Fever for Seniors

"Cabin fever" doesn't just relate to the weather. It relates, too, to not being active enough with daily life activities. That's why staying indoors too long and not getting out into the stream of life makes us restless, dissatisfied or even

  • How Game Therapy Benefits the Elderly

Game Therapy Benefits the Elderly

Game therapy benefits the elderly! A great way to keep elderly and seniors’ minds active and healthy is by simply playing games. Daily activities in skilled resident care and assisted living centers provide residents with a multitude of benefits. Game therapy

  • Nail and Hand Care

Hand & Nail Care for Seniors

Hand & Nail Care becomes more important as one ages. In caring for senior hands and nails, it's important to make daily efforts to protect aging skin and nails from harsh environmental effects of water, chemicals, temperature, and use. The skin on the