Preventing Healthcare-Associated Infections (HAIs)

Families, patients, healthcare personnel, and visitors all play an important role to keep patients safe from infection. The Association for Professionals in Infection Control Epidemiology produced a very helpful article Infection Prevention and You describing the most common healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) that threaten the health

  • skilled resident care peace of mind

Skilled Resident Care Provides Peace of Mind

(Adapted from American Senior Communities blog, Oct 13, 2016) For a family caregiver, feeling guilty when the need to move a loved one into a skilled resident care community arises is a common, natural response. Along with feeling guilty about moving your

  • Celebrating the Holidays

Celebrating the Holidays at Skilled Care Centers

The holiday season is a special time of year. A time to spend with family. Celebrating Christmas with loved ones in a skilled resident care or assisted living facility may take a little extra planning. So make them feel special. Here

  • santa's amgic mail box

Santa’s Magic Mail Box

Bring your little ones to Santa's Magic Mailbox where kids can write letters to Santa. All letters will then be sent “Direct to the North Pole”. We will provide stationery and pens for the children to use along with free candy

  • Cooking Therapy

Cooking Therapy

Cooking therapy is such a rewarding activity for our residents. Besides the fact that it is fun and delicious, it provides therapeutic benefits in many ways. Yes, it is fun. There is plenty of room for error in assembling tacos or

  • Ask Your healthcare provider about antibiotics

Ask Your Healthcare Provider About Antibiotics

Antibiotics are proven to be effective to treat infections caused by bacteria. However the overuse of antibiotics can lead to antibiotic resistance, a growing problem in the United States and around the world. So the use of antibiotics needs to be

  • Emergency Procedures

Emergency Procedures In Place at Pacific Care Center

Beautiful weather can quickly turn ugly when dark clouds and high winds threaten. That's why planned emergency procedures for weather-related emergencies is important, especially for senior adults. At Pacific Care Center in Pacific, Missouri, the safety and well-being of our residents is

  • Music therapy

Music Therapy for Seniors

(Adapted from American Senior Communities blog, Oct 21, 2014) You don’t have to be a professionally trained musician to appreciate the feeling you get when you hear your favorite song. Music has the ability to take us back in time, to

  • Banner Of Elderly Couple. Resources For Medicare Beneficiaries

Medicare Resource Guide Helps Families with Long-Term Care Choices

Understanding the complex Medicare system can be overwhelming. Especially when you're making informed decisions for your loved ones in skilled resident care. Fortunately the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services has created an easy-to-understand resource guide to help. The Resources for Medicare Beneficiaries is a

  • Lower Back Pain

Managing Low Back Pain

Low back pain can happen to anyone.  Many people fall victim to low back pain every day. It can be painful, debilitating, and can complicate daily life.   Managing low back pain can be a challenge. Simple lifting, bending, walking, sitting