The holidays are soon here, and we encourage you to make it special with holiday visits with seniors in skilled nursing facilities. There are so many things you can do to connect and make the holidays special for a senior! Here are just  12 ways we’ve thought of to make your holiday visits with your loved one merry!

12 – Take some time to sign holiday greeting cards with your loved one. The time stuffing, addressing, and stamping the envelopes can be a good moment to connect and remember the people and holidays over the years in your loved one’s life.

11 – Ask family members and friends who cannot make it to visit your loved one to send videos that they can watch. If you need ideas on how to do this, Facebook messenger allows recording 15 second clips and sending them directly to another person.. It’s a live video holiday card that will be sure to delight any senior! Bonus: If a family member has given a home to your loved one’s former pet, be sure to

10 – For many people, sweets carry the memories of the seasons. While too much candy is too much candy, buying the special treats that remind your loved one of holiday seasons past can be a good moment to connect.

9 – There are so many holiday movies that it is quite likely your loved one has a favorite. Ask him/her about a favorite movie, then watch it together!

8 – Wrapping gifts for others is a precious time for so many people during the holiday season. If this is something you love – or something your loved one enjoys – share it with them! So many good memories are made around the act of giving to others.

7 – Ornaments, Advent Calendars, Christmas trees, lights, Pilgrim-themed paintings, the list of decorations is extensive. Make sure to check with staff to ensure that the decorations you want to bring would not cause too much clutter before you put them up.

6 – Technology can be a great resource for holiday activities. Crossword puzzles, word scramble, word search, and other digital games can be a great way to challenge yourselves against a computer opponent or just pass some lovely time head-to-head. Bonus: Find digital games that are themed around your favorite holiday and enjoy!

5 – Christmas countdowns are great! Whether it is the simple advent calendar with a piece of candy each day or watching a favorite holiday movie every day between Christmas and New Years, there are many ways to use countdowns to liven up the holidays for your loved one. (This list is a perfect example!)

4 – Smartphone apps are great for listening to music, and the holidays have some iconic tunes. Bring a phone and a speaker and spend some enjoyable time listening to your loved one’s favorites, whether they are Bing or Three Dog Night!

3 – If your loved one has some favorite tasty treats, bring some baked goodies to share and celebrate the holiday spirit. If there are young children in your loved one’s life, have the kids cut out sugar cookies, decorate them, and bring them to share.

2 – Video greetings from your loved one to family members can be deeply meaningful for them to record. They will also be a treasured memory in years to come. Take time to do video greetings to friends and family. If you are so inclined, do one for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years!

1 – Gifts are great! Take some time during the holiday season to bring a series of gifts to brighten each visit with your loved one. The 12 Days of Christmas theme can work well for a celebratory gift-giving period. Gifts don’t need to be anything as wild as 10 lords-a-leaping, but a thoughtful series of small gifts might make the holiday memorable for you and your loved one.

Holiday visits with seniors in skilled nursing facilities can be a source of great joy. At Pacific Care Center, we strive to make the holiday season as special as it has always been for our residents. If you have any specific requests or needs during the holidays regarding your loved one at Pacific Care Center, please don’t hesitate to contact us!