Listening to and responding appropriately and quickly to each individual’s needs is a top priority for Pacific Care Center staff.

It is imperative for our residents to be listened to by our staff in order to establish and maintain a positive, open line of communication regarding care. The needs of each resident is important to us, and we want to listen to you and communicate clearly with you so your needs are met here.

To best facilitate and approach your questions and concerns about your care with Pacific Care Center staff, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Have I asked the questions I need answered? Have they been answered to my satisfaction by a Pacific Care Center staff member?
  • What are my expectations? Are they reasonable? Have they been conveyed to a key person at Pacific Care Center?
  • Have I done all I can to provide Pacific Care Center with my pertinent information?
  • Are all of my legal documents on file with Pacific Care Center?
  • Who have I chosen to be my main contact person with Pacific Care Center if I am unable to make my own decisions without having a Power of Attorney in place?
  • Have I notified this person? And do they understand how important it is to contact my other loved ones?

It is important that each resident, as well as family members, have a firm understanding that Pacific Care Center will do everything possible to care for the needs of every individual in our care.

This may also be the opportunity for your family to discuss many of these items at a family “meeting.” Asking the question “Is everyone on the same page with the same goal in mind?” is very important to ensure a unified care plan for your loved one that all family members support.