As we care for the senior members of our families and communities, we wonder, “How do I create the best quality of life for them?” This is an excellent question to ask, and one that long-term care providers constantly seek answers to. We have come to understand that there are three areas that people need to focus their attention on in order to maintain quality of life.

Emotional Needs
Seniors have emotional needs for connection and joy. Therefore, creating a quality of life care plan will include time with friends and family, activities that involve connection with other people, and partaking of the beauty of life. For some people, this can be as simple as attending a music appreciation class or heading out on an excursion to a beautiful park.

Physical Needs
As they age, seniors continue to have the normal human needs (food, safety, clothing, housing), but they also have some additional physical needs. From basic medical care as their body ages to different health and nutrition plans, and a tailored physical fitness plan, quality of life involves fulfilling their physical needs. When physical needs are met, your loved ones will be able to meet their emotional and spiritual needs as well.

Spiritual Needs
Humans are spiritual beings. Whether you worship at a traditional religious service or take part in moments of solitude in the woods, humans need to reach out to something bigger than ourselves. As a family member of a senior, you are in a unique position to help them maintain the spiritual habits they have followed through the years. Helping your loved one could mean communicating to caregivers about their spiritual needs, attending services with them, or helping them in more personal ways such as meditating, praying, reciting Scriptures, or worshipping with them.

Communicate and Care
Creating the best quality of life for your senior loved ones requires that you communicate with them and with caregivers about their needs. Take time to listen to what they tell you about their spiritual, emotional, and physical needs, and make certain that everyone involved in their care understands and is committed to helping them get that quality of life.

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