“Listen to those you serve, and you can serve them well.”

Because of Pacific Care Center’s desire for a high level of care, we do our best to listen to our residents and to their loved ones. But, true listening also requires input from our residents and their loved ones as well. Following are ways that you can communicate with the skilled resident care nursing team at Pacific Care Center.

Intake Interview Info
During the intake interview, you will be asked to communicate many legal and technical items which you can read about on our Admission page. This includes bringing personal items to make your loved one’s stay more comfortable. We will also ask for a contact person to whom we can communicate changes in personal condition or financial status.

The intake interview is also the time for you to provide us with information necessary for your loved one’s care. Medical history, family and friends who will be visiting, and details to make your stay more comfortable. This is also a key time to start the conversation with care provider team members.

Get to Know the Care Provider Team Members
The skilled resident care nursing team wants to connect with our residents, so take time to get to know our team members. Take time to make certain that friends and family members also get to know the members of our nursing team. It will help them create a sense of home, acceptance, and comfort while your loved one is a resident, and it will also facilitate communication between you, your loved one, and our care providers.

How Family Member Can Address Personal Care Issues
Creating a system of communication helps make it easy when things are not quite right. Whether it is the temperature of your loved one’s room, his or her favorite hair style, how she or he typically likes to dress each day, special blankets /pillows / comforters the family is supplying, or difficulty with medications, communicate with your loved one’s care team. As a family member, you are often a good resource to help communicate with the care team, since you already know how your loved one communicates and his or her preferences in many areas.

Periodic Care Team Meetings
A great place for communication is our periodic care team meetings. This regular time of communication is perfect for giving feedback on your loved one’s care, listening to the care center staff’s plans, and create a plan of action going forward.

Our skilled resident care nursing team at Pacific Care Center wants your input as well as your loved one’s input to ensure that he or she has the best quality care possible!