Low back pain can happen to anyone. 

Many people fall victim to low back pain every day. It can be painful, debilitating, and can complicate daily life.
Managing low back pain can be a challenge. Simple lifting, bending, walking, sitting – even sleeping – can be painful and drastically affect your daily routine. However, managing low back pain is possible. Our Five Tips to Manage Low Back Pain in our May 2017 Therapy Newsletter can provide you with techniques to help you cope.
Most people respond favorably to hands-on treatment from a physical therapist. If your back hurts or if your back muscles feel tight or stiff, schedule an appointment with your physician to learn how physical therapy can help you.
For more extensive physical and neurological therapy needs – including therapy following total hip replacement, stroke, or other issues – that require admission to a skilled nursing center, Pacific Care Center’s Rehabilitation Department has qualified, licensed therapists providing natural, affordable, effective treatment with little to no side effects.